Alumnus reconnected with their classmates over breakfast at Seneca Dining Hall    

By Caitlyn Johnson

Calling on all former mustangs to Morrisville State College. Mustang weekend is a yearly event that gives alumni and current students a chance to come together and participate in numerous activities. It was held on Sept. 28 to Sept. 29.

  This year, Morrisville celebrated the class of 1967 50 reunion in which the graduation class returned to MSC to see their former classmates. It was also an opportunity to get involved with events such as the carnival and the Homecoming game.

  The Class of 1967 gathered at the Hospitality suite for their fiftieth reunion dinner from 6-8.p.m. The cost to attend was thirty dollars, as the college provided beer, wine and a formal dinner. President, David Rogers was also in attendance.

  Alumni came to campus the following day starting their day off with breakfast at Seneca Dining Hall from 8-10 a.m. Many were able to sit and eat as much as they wanted too while being in the company of their class.

  Among them was alumnus from other graduation class. Some of which included Eva Pecor, a graduate of the restaurant management program in 1980 and the nursing program in 1991. Pecor remained close to Morrisville, as she volunteers her time as a tutor in Donald G. Butcher Library.

  Since Pecor is still active on her college grounds by working backstage of the theater as well, she has the opportunity to meet many students but not from her class.

  “I hasn’t seen any of my classmates and none of my professors are still at Morrisville but I have seen Dr. Crawford and she hasn’t aged,” said Pecor.

   Pecor’s husband, John DeRochy was also in attendance at breakfast representing the 2013 class after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Renewable energy. DeRochy has kept in contact with his professors since graduation. He uses his professors as his resources for his job today.

  “Since my job has to do with renewable energy, it was great for me to get my bachelors degree here at Morrisville,” said DeRochy.

  David Taisa graduated from the restaurant management program in the year of 1987.

Taisa  reflected on his time at Morrisville and describing the new changes.

  “Its keeps getting bigger and bigger,” said Taisa. “I noticed the fountain over where I use to live in West Hall

and Hamilton Hall basement used to be where the campus store was.”

  Students and alumni that attended Mustang Weekend look forward to all the occasions that were listed on this year events schedule.

  “I look forward to the fireworks because of its display and beauty,” said Pecor, in an interview.

  Others look forward to the sceneries and catching up with old friends

  “I come every year because it is so peaceful,” said Taisa. “Just to see the new mustangs is really cool.”

  Pecor, DeRochy and Taisa all would recommended this college to others as it holds a special place in their hearts.

  Alumni had the weekend to meet former students and participated in all the festivities. Members had a chance to witness the changes on campus, since graduation. Lastly, alumnus was given a chance to be a Mustang once again. Though once a Mustang, always a Mustang.

Reporting by Amaya Cantero